Accelerate File Share Migration with Dockit 365 Migrator

Dockit 365 Migrator is built from the ground up to migrate terabytes of data into Office 365 in the shortest span. While dealing with voluminous content migration, the speed becomes one of the top-priority items in an IT administrator’s checklist. My idea here is to give you a brief overview that helps you appreciate how Dockit 365 Migrator accelerates the migration speed to save you valuable time.Office 365 migrator logo

As it is mandated by Office 365 Migration API, Dockit 365 Migrator leverages Azure storage to on-board the content to be migrated into SharePoint Online / OneDrive for Business. The crux behind Azure storage is very simple. If the content is put closer to your Office 365 data center, you can get the maximum throughput during content migration. Hence, it is recommended to create Azure storage account in the nearest location to where your Office 365 tenant is created.

Dockit 365 Migrator uploads source content as blobs and bundles them all as migration packages. These packages are then consumed by Office 365 Migration API to dispatch the actual content to the respective target location in Office 365 (SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business).

It is evident that submitting the migration package for dispatch as quickly as possible can improve the overall performance of the migration. In order to do this, Dockit 365 Migrator uploads multiple files simultaneously to Azure blob storage and submits the migration package, as and when the package reaches the recommended size. This technique ensures that the packages are continuously being dispatched to Office 365, while the product prepares another set of files to upload to Azure storage in the background at the same time. This saves a lot of time during bulk migration.

Dockit 365 Migrator manages the system resources effectively – be it CPU time, I/O read & write or internet bandwidth – using non-blocking asynchronous calls. Threshold Settings option in Dockit 365 Migrator helps you fine-tune the concurrent file upload and bandwidth utilization based on your requirements and resource availability.

Threshold Settings

Threshold Settings can be tuned such a way to maximize the throughput of the migration with respect to number of files, their average size and capacity of the network.

Threshold settings

In our internal tests, we observed that if you are migrating smaller files (say, less than 1 MB), it is better to increase the concurrency level to the maximum available (i.e., 32 files). The below illustration will give you an insight on how to use Concurrent File Upload option in Dockit 365 Migrator:

Threshold Recommendations

Of course, your mileage may vary due to various environmental reasons. It is always better to experience it for yourself.

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